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1 a wild and exciting undertaking (not necessarily lawful) [syn: adventure, risky venture, dangerous undertaking]
2 any carefree episode [syn: lark]

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From French escapade, "the act of escaping" or "a trick" < Old Spanish escapada < Old Spanish escapar < Vulgar Latin excappare.



  1. A daring or adventurous act; an undertaking which goes against convention.


daring or adventurous act; undertaking which goes against convention

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Escapade, or ESP for short, is a server-side scripting language that is designed to provide an easy interface to database contents. It was written in 1997 by Ed Carp and enjoys wide use in Europe, but has had limited acceptance in the United States. Plans were underway to open source the software in early 2007.
Escapade is designed to create dynamic web documents from this data.
Escapade can be used to generate any kind of document - HTML, XML, text, and more.
While server-side scripting is not a new concept, ESP is designed to enable programmers to have easy access to data in databases and display a formatted version of it in their web pages without having to resort to ASP or relatively complicated Perl or PHP scripts.
Escapade was originally designed to fill the need for a simple server-side scripting product that ran on non-Windows platforms. As such, it currently runs in the UNIX and Linux environments, the "workhorse" platforms of the Internet and Intranet. Plans for Windows NT development are under consideration.
In addition to current support for the popular and efficient MySQL database, plans are underway to support Oracle and other generic ODBC-compliant databases (Sybase, SQL Server, etc.) in the immediate future. Escapade is written in C, which makes it easy to port to other platforms.

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